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In a world inundated with apps, tabs and tools, Reframe brings everything together into a single, Organized Work Environment on your computer.

Let’s be honest: tech has a problem

Computers (and software) have evolved into powerful tools that have revolutionized how we work. Everyday, we hear of a new app or operating system boasting claims of enhanced work efficiency or collaboration.

But we are drowning in an ocean of tabs and tools making us feel burnt out, unhappy and unproductive.

We struggle to find what we need; constantly switching between windows, searching for the path of least resistance just to complete a single task — it feels like we are swimming against the current.

But AI will save us… right?

Even our brilliant AI co-pilots are problematic: AI is astoundingly capable, but the process of prompting and coordinating these tools across fragmented workplace apps is its own special new form of busywork hell. 

Copy, paste, search, re-prompt - an endless muddle of routine cognitive labor just to get AI on the same page as our work.

There must be a better way.

We’re looking far beyond the traditional notion of productivity and the incremental gains achieved by simply creating another app or AI co-pilot that optimizes part of your workflow.

Instead, we’re building the next generation of computing, a new concept called the Organized Work Environment. 

Video screenshot: Jeff Szczepanski, Founder & CEO of Reframe - Telling Reframe Story

Hear more from Tall Jeff here.

What we’re building

Reframe isn’t just another app, operating system or piece of software. It is changing the paradigm of how we work with computers and each other.

Reframe is something new. It’s the first iteration of an ‘Organized Work Environment’ which adapts the computer to you, not you to the computer. It removes the stress of constant context-switching and app shuffling by bringing everything you need - all the apps, files, chats - into coherent Streams of work.

No more copy’n’paste.
No more app switching.
No more ‘where was I?’.

Reframe stops the computer getting in the way of your thinking, giving you total control of your tasks, workflow and collaboration.

Our Story

Jeff Szczepanski (a.k.a Tall Jeff) founded Reframe Technologies in the summer of 2021, with a vision to build a next-generation computing environment based on brain science that would free us from the current chaos of app overwhelm and tabbing hell.

He drew on his experience as a founder, CTO and COO at some of the world’s most successful startups and scaleups; and inspiration from the field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and the works of theorist and scientist Prof. Cal Newport as he formalized his ideas for a new way of working with computers.

In 2022, Jeff hired the first employees to begin the journey of building Reframe, and as of early 2024, Reframe has a team of 12 people (including several Stack Overflow alumni), including counsel and coaching from personal and organizational development experts such as Shir Nir and “Mr Joe” Leech, and is working to bring the world’s first Organized Work Environment to market.


Photo: Jeff Szczepanski - CEO & Founder

Jeff Szczepanski

CEO & Founder

"Tall Jeff" Szczepanski is the founder and CEO of Reframe Technologies. He is a serial entrepreneur and leader renowned for scaling three startups to successful exits. As founder and CTO, he pioneered VOIP products at Allworx Corp before its acquisition by PAETEC Communications. As COO, he was responsible for scaling Stack Overflow into the internet powerhouse that sold for $1.8B in 2021 and led Sphere Knowledge to a Twitter acquisition. With two decades crafting groundbreaking products, he now drives Reframe's industry-reshaping vision as CEO, with a vision to unleash human capacity through the next evolution of computing.

Photo: Shir Nir – Co-Founder

Shir Nir


Shir Nir has over 30 years' experience coaching executives and teams at top organizations like Microsoft, Google, the US government, and UN. He specializes in innovative solutions fusing business focus with personal development, leadership skills, creativity, and relationship dynamics. An ex-Ironman athlete, Shir's programs inspire breakthrough results by unlocking individuals' potential and maximizing team synergies. His deep insights into human behavior and what drives peak performance make him uniquely equipped to drive transformative growth. As Co-Founder of Reframe Technologies, Shir coaches the team and ensures our technology is built to empower and enable human capacity.

Department Heads

Photo: Aušrinė Keršanskaitė – Head of Operations

Aušrinė Keršanskaitė

Head of Operations

Operations leader with over a decade of experience in getting things done: from scrappy startups to leading global operations teams at high-growth companies. Community builder at Operations Nation, a hub for connecting global ops professionals.

Photo: Scott Eikenberry – VP Engineering

Scott Eikenberry

VP Engineering

Experienced engineering leader, adept at guiding global teams to develop software solutions that span client applications to enterprise-scale systems, leveraging both on-premise and SaaS. With over 25 years in the field, Scott has earned numerous patents and a proven history of innovation.

Photo: Natalia Radcliffe-Brine – VP Marketing

Natalia Radcliffe-Brine

VP Marketing

Marketing leader who has built high-performance teams and strategies at several high-growth tech and AI companies, from Seed stage to Series D. Stack Overflow alumni. Yogi.

Photo: Chance Heath – Head of Product

Chance Heath

Head of Product

Product leader with experience in identifying major market opportunities, building end-to-end scalable SaaS and Consumer solutions to serve them, and scaling products and teams to millions of dollars in revenue.

The Team

  • Jamey Blakely


  • James Guyton


  • Paweł Ludwiczak


  • Liudvikas Bukys


  • Sian Thomas

    Executive Assistant

Life At Reframe Technologies

We’re a small and fully remote team, currently distributed across North America and Europe.

Team photo
Team photo

How we work

Our team isn’t just building a fully distributed, collaborative world. We’re living it, day in, day out, working together to create a world where collaboration without barriers is possible for everyone.

We choose our own tools (let the Mac vs. Windows debate commence!) and our own home office setup. Many of us have families, and we work flexible hours to ensure we maintain an optimal work-life balance.

Central to our ethos is the confidence in our collective ability to achieve our goals: we communicate openly, with candor, and recognise that individual successes and fulfillment actively contribute to reaching our common mission.

Our values

  • We focus on the dream and make it happen, one step at a time
  • We’re never perfect, but we do it better than everyone else
  • We trust ourselves, our people and our processes
  • We listen to everyone’s ideas, discuss, align, and move forward
  • We communicate clearly and with honesty at all times
  • We have hard conversations and always hold ourselves accountable
  • It’s OK to fail. It’s not OK to not ask for help.
  • Happy people deliver happy results. We enable whole life dreams.