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Why Isn’t Technology Making Us More Productive?

Our computers are failing us.

Despite amazing & powerful capabilities, our favorite tools are stuck in silos, unable to truly work together and ultimately are failing to make us happier or even that much more productive.

How work should work.

What we believe

We imagine a world where our computers work for us, not against us. Bringing applications, people, and the right information together as one.

Total Cohesion

Computers today lack situational awareness, forcing us to maintain the context in our heads to fill the gaps between applications, team members, and projects.

We see a new type of system seamlessly connected to the people, the context and the content that we need. A single environment where we can efficiently orchestrate each initiative regardless of how we want to work, where we want to work, and even the choice of tools we use to get the job done.

The people, the tools and the work come together as one, as if all of it was meant to work that way from the start.

Information Overload

We deserve to be free from the busy work of constant communications, creating and recreating contexts around projects, and managing the multitude of documents & messages flying around.

Our computers should work to quiet the noise, leaving only the relevant bits from the sea of information, at the ready to engage with on our own terms. This is about an approach that frees our minds to fully unleash human ingenuity on the work we do instead of assuming AI will somehow magically solve this for us.

Work Reframed

We are not cogs in a wheel or widgets on an assembly line. Starting from brain science instead of computer science, it is time that technology empowers us to be the best version of ourselves. Always focused on what matters and set up to achieve maximum effectiveness as fully engaged, fulfilled and empowered professionals.

This is how work should work.

The Reframe Team.

Video screenshot: Jeff Szczepanski, Founder & CEO of Reframe - Telling Reframe Story

Telling Reframe Story

Jeff Szczepanski, the founder & CEO of Reframe Technologies, describes what our company is all about and what we're working on building.

A whole new way of working and creating has arrived.